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Web Development

Microsoft Office & BackOffice Solutions

What your company needs to tap the power of the web. We build simple to powerful web applications capable of transaction processing—the key to reliable and secure internet commerce.  2u3 uses the latest web technologies like Active Server Pages, ISAPI, VB Script, Java Script, Active Data Objects and ActiveX. We support Microsoft FrontPage and you can connect to and edit your web directly from your office or home. In addition we provide Microsoft Office and Microsoft BackOffice development services.

Web Development

"Web" development can have different meanings to different people. 2u3 can determine what type of web development is appropriate for your business. What audience are you're trying to reach—the folks in your own office or potential consumers the world over? Should your site consists of several static pages or should the site actively change on a periodic or user-based basis? Do you want to provide information to users? Collect information from users? Or both? Will your users order products, inquire about existing services? Do you require transactions or even secure transactions? How will your users access your site? Over the Internet or a private network like your LAN? What software or browser(s) will they use to access your site?

Static web pages are the easiest and least time consuming (hence, least expensive) to develop. They consist of standard HTML (hypertext markup language), displaying the same text and graphics every time a user accesses the page. If you need to make a change to the page, the HTML must be changed. For simple web sites that may only provide a phone number or directions, static web pages may be sufficient.

Dynamic web pages and web applications are limited only by the designer's imagination. Pages can be personalized for each user or selected information can change with every "hit" on the page. Web applications provide the ability to make subsequent pages change depending on the choices a user selects in a previous page. Thus, web applications provide for rich business functionality that can't be obtained via traditional or static web pages. Furthermore, dynamic pages and web applications can display, add, change and delete records in virtually any size or type of database. 2u3 can even integrate your existing databases with dynamic web pages.

If your target audience will be accessing your site from the public Internet your design choices are limited by the low bandwidth connections that most people use to access the Internet. In this case, page and image size as well as browser types must be taken into account. On the other hand, if the employees on your high speed LAN are the audience and you can control for the type of browser, then you don't have to worry about low bandwidth considerations in the design of your site.

As you can see there are many aspects of "Web" development that must be taken into account—ideally, before the first line of code is ever written. Enter 2u3. We provide full service web development designed to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Microsoft Office & BackOffice Solutions

2u3 provides custom Microsoft Office and BackOffice solutions designed to meet your company's needs.  We extend the products that you most likely  have in your office today, thus preserving your initial investments. One of the great advantages to Microsoft business products is their tremendous flexibility. A developer armed with Visual Basic (VB), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Visual Basic Script (VBscript) has all the tools necessary to turn your ordinary office applications into serious customized business applications tailored to your company.

If you're thinking of having a custom business application developed from scratch or you've found that Word or Excel doesn't work quite the way you want it to, then 2u3 can help! Don't pay the high prices associated with custom development from the ground up. 2u3's expert developers can make the most of your existing applications for a fraction of the price of full scale development!

2u3 retains expert knowledge in the use and extension of the Microsoft Office suite of products including Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Project. In addition, we support the BackOffice suite of products including Exchange Server, Transaction Server, Index Server, and of course, Internet Information Server. 2u3 transforms these "out-of-the-box" applications into powerful custom business applications while minimizing development time and costs.

Consider this example. Your company has a Microsoft Access database that contains client information such as contact and sales data. You want to be able to send a letter to every client who generated more than 5000 dollars of revenue, but you can't get the out-of-the-box mail merge features of Microsoft Word to do the trick. 2u3 can extend Word and Access with functionality allowing them to work together to produce letters (on your own letterhead), addressed to every client who meets the $5000 threshold.

2u3 provides simple and cost-effective solutions for common business problems by extending popular applications. What once took days of typing or cutting and pasting can be cut down to minutes without requiring the purchase of additional software or full scale development.

Web Administration Services

Okay, your site has been developed! Now what? How do people find out about it? What's the Internet Protocol (IP) address? What's your domain name? How do you register a domain name? What are your Domain Name Servers (DNS)? Who provides your DNS service?

Since TMI first entered the online world in 1995 we've learned a lot. And one thing's for sure:  Clients want one stop shopping. If you're considering outsourcing your development, you probably don't want to mess around with the other technical requirements of hosting, running, and maintaining a web. Neither does anyone else. We understand that you may not know or want to know all the technicalities, so we're positioned to provide one stop service. You worry about the content on your site and we'll take care of the details!

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